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Home Inspection of Federal Pacific Electrical Panels

Home Inspection Story About Federal Pacific Electrical Panels It was just another home inspection, or so I thought, when I walked up on this electrical panel as I have for so many years.  I knew the panel brand, which is Federal Pacific  or FPE, had a history so I always approached this brand of panel with a little more respect than the other brands that are common to our area … Continue Reading

Petaluma Home Inspector – Infrared Camera Finds Roof Leak During Home Inspection

Infrared cameras are an invaluable tool for a home inspector.  Infrared cameras detect infrared light using a special lens called a microbolometer.  Infrared light or energy is not detectable by the human eye and that is what makes infrared cameras so valuable because they help home inspectors see what we cannot see with our own eyes.   In this short home inspection video I demonstrate what a roof leak looks … Continue Reading