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Vapor Barriers: Home Inspector Fact and Fiction

Vapor barriers are often recommended by home inspectors when moisture or evidence of moisture is observed in a crawlspace area.  This is particularly true in many areas of Sonoma County including Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Cotati, Rohnert Park and other low lying areas with adobe soil.  In many of these situations I see vapor barriers being recommended when there is evidence of standing water. When standing water is observed during a … Continue Reading

Crawl Space Mold and Moisture Problems

Building mold has emerged as a major issue for the entire home building industry. The issue stems from thousands of insurance claims and lawsuits, including successful multi-million dollar settlements that identify building mold as a health problem for tenants and homeowners. Crawl spaces fitted with traditional foundation vents (wall vented) are particularly vulnerable to moisture and mold problems. Typical problems found in wall vented crawl spaces include: „ Standing water … Continue Reading

Wine Storage Facility

Recently I have had the opportunity to work on project involving a wine storage facility.  The warehouse space is conditioned with a coo long unit designed to keep the temperature at 55 F.  When I arrived at the facility I quickly noticed that there was a black staining on the interior portion of the exterior walls.  Because this facility was for storage only the insulation was left exposed.  I also … Continue Reading