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Mold – Asbestos – Lead – Infrared

Envirovue offers both residential and commercial inspections for mold, asbestos, lead paint, and infrared moisture scans.  We can customize our service portfolio to deliver the highest quality inspection services at the most affordable cost.  Steve Ramos is ACAC Certified Microbial Consultant.  ACAC is an independent certifying body.  Certifications are affidavits of industry knowledge – knowledge beyond the classroom.  Steve also holds State of California certifications in Asbestos and Lead Paint testing.

Asbestos Surveys and Testing

Asbestos containing materials are common in all types of construction including residential homes.  Many people are under the assumption that only older homes can have asbestos containing materials which for the most part is true.  What many people are not aware of is that a complete ban of asbestos containing materials was never implemented into law.  For these reasons the EPA and other government agencies require testing of materials for asbestos when renovation or repair are scheduled.  Our services include asbestos testing in bulk materials such as ceiling texture, vinyl floors, drywall, all types of adhesives for carpeting, baseboards and fiberboard backing, and insulation materials, most notably, heating duct insulation.

ACAC Council Certified Microbial Consultant

Steve Ramos has achieved the highest level of mold certification available when he was awarded the Council Certified Microbial Consultant (CMC) designation from ACAC.  ACAC is an independent certifying body.  Certifications are affidavits of industry knowledge – knowledge beyond the classroom.  When an individual demonstrates knowledge, he/she earns a certification designation.  ACAC credentials are Accredited Certifications.  Accredited certifications are professional credentials qualified and recognized by one of three independent organizations.  Certification programs accredited by the Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB) must require verifiable field experience.  The CMC designation is CESB-accredited.

Lead Paint Hazard Evaluations and Testing

Lead based paint is common in homes prior to 1978.  When homes are painted with lead based paint owners and contractors may inadvertently create lead based paint hazards during the normal course of living in a building or during renovations.  Any lead based paint that is deteriorated is considered a hazard.  Lead contaminated dust is the most hazardous form of lead paint hazard that can be encountered in a home.  Lead contaminated dust can be ingested by the occupants and result in elevated blood lead levels which can have serious health implications if allowed to persist.

Lead hazard evaluations are focused on identifying existing lead based paint hazards and making recommendations for removing those lead based paint hazards.

bigstock_Old_fashion_breaker_box_8311302Home Inspection Services

Residential and Commercial Building Inspection Services

Steve Ramos is Envirovue’s main home inspector.  Steve has been a nationally recognized home inspector.  His experience as a home inspector is rather unique.  Steve has had the distinct pleasure of co-hosting a popular HGTV (Home and Garden Television) television show “The House Detective” for 3 plus years.  He is credited with co-hosting 104 episodes of the show that educated home owners on how to find and fix some interesting challenges.  More About Steve Ramos  Watch Videos of Steve Ramos on House Detective.  Although, Steve has worked for a National network Envirovue’s business is located in Northern California. Here are some examples of the communities Envirovue does serve:  Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Novato, San Rafael, Sonoma, Napa, Vacaville, San Francisco, East Bay Counties, Solano County, and Lake County.

Our home inspection service is thorough, accurate and affordably priced.  The cornerstone of our inspection service is our unique process.  The process is a systematic approach to inspecting that has been developed and refined by Certified Professional Inspector, Steve Ramos.  Steve not only possesses the technical skills to evaluate your home he has the communication skills to deliver the most technical details in an easy to understand everyday language.  Communication is critical when discussing and presenting findings.  Our communication strategy is a blend of technology, professionalism, and personal service that offers our clients an opportunity to communicate in a form that is best suited to their style.  For more on our services offering please click here  For more on home inspections please click here

Home inspection clients, contractors, Realtors and business associates agree that Steve Ramos is thorough, honest and well qualified to deliver a high level home inspection or environmental consulting inspection.  Whether Steve is conducting a home inspection, mold inspection, asbestos testing inspection, lead based paint testing inspection, infrared moisture scan the demeanor with which he presents the findings and the professionalism with which he offers the written report are what clients appreciate the most about Envirovue and Steve Ramos.

Infrared Moisture Services

Infrared Technology is used across industry as a diagnostic tool.  In the building sciences it is used on building interiors to evaluate moisture conditions, proper functioning of heating and cooling systems, electrical panels, and the quality of building insulation.  Our service offers may different infrared scans to help you better understand the condition of your home or building.  One of the most important infrared scans offered with our home inspection service is the infrared moisture scan.  This scan can assist the home inspector in finding areas of the walls, ceilings, and floors that have elevated moisture content.