Home Inspection Infrared Services

Envirovue’s Home Inspection Infrared services are a true value add to any home inspection. Steve Ramos is a Certified Building Inspection Thermographer and has over 5 years experience using Infrared as a Home Inspector and Certified Building Science Thermographer.  There are four primary value applications for infrared.  The applications are:  Infrared Moisture Scan, Infrared Heating Scan, Infrared Electrical Scan, Infrared Insulation Scan.

Moisture Scans

Petaluma Home Inspector Infrared Home InspectionThe Home Inspection Infrared moisture scan provides our Certified Home Inspector an additional layer of home inspection information by providing an infrared view of the surfaces (i.e. walls, ceiling, and floor) for any present and active moisture accumulation in the building.

Heating Scans

Santa Rosa Home Inspection Infrared InspectorsThe Home Inspection Infrared Heating Scan allows our Certified Home Inspector to take the heating and cooling inspection to a new  level by verifying input and output temperature of the HVAC systems.  Temperatures outside the recommended range indicated a need for servicing.

Electrical Scans

Petaluma Home Inspector Infrared CameraThe Home Inspection Infrared Electrical Scan provides our Certified Home Inspector a  thermal view of the electrical panels under load.  Loose connections create excessive temperature and the home inspector’s infrared camera can visually detect these elevated temperatures at the time of home inspection and recommend service or repair.