Real Estate Sales and Marketing Tips 2013

Sales and Marketing Tip for 2013

Who doesn’t want more business?  I think we are all in the same boat so to speak.  We are looking to make 2013 the best possible year we can make it – financially speaking.  To that end, I am making a commitment to update the Education Blog on a regular basis.  My goal is to update it at least once per week or more often if time allows.  The content of the Education Blog is going to focus on home related topics and you can link to the blog articles and share them with clients and prospective clients.  There are several avenues that you can use to share the articles in the Blog.  You could link to them in your email newsletter.  You could link to them on your website.  You can also share them on Facebook and Twitter.  I have installed Facebook “Like” and “Send” buttons on each page to make it easy for you to share the information with your clients and prospects.  All of these social media touch-points add value to your message and allow you to get your name in front of your prospective clients and referrals sources.  The main benefit of the social media world is that the message goes viral in the sense that it can be delivered exponentially as it is shared with your contacts your contacts may share that with others and so on.  Opening the door to endless referrals and new business.  As you can see the work I am doing helps us both.  So please take advantage of this excellent business opportunity in 2013.  I just posted a new article how to choose a good home inspector.  This is a great resource of any prospective home buyer.  If you would like to subscribe and receive weekly updates on new articles please click on the following link Subscribe to our newsletter