Mold Certifications

StevenRamosCMCSeal  Did you know that California does not regulate mold inspectors. The term mold certification is so watered down by tens of companies offering internet only or test only certifications that can be obtained in as little as a few hours.  Literally, anyone with a flashlight, some spore trap cassettes and an air pump can start and operate a legal mold inspection business in California.  As crazy as it sounds – it’s the truth.

As a consumer attempting to decipher ones credentials in the mold inspection industry can be difficult.  The skills and knowledge required to perform and mold consultation go well beyond taking some air samples and checking to see if indoor levels are greater than outdoor levels.  To truly understand the dynamics of a building one must possess field and book knowledge in microbiology, building science, general construction, thermography, and advance data interpretation of mold samples.

The American Council for Accredited Certification recently awarded Steve Ramos of Envirovue the designation of CMC or Council Certified Microbial Consultant.  In order to award this certification the council verified that Steve has accumulated over 8 years of verifiable field experience and passed a 120 question proctored exam.  What this means is that Steve is not only experienced and knowledgeable but his peers have verified this after engaging in a vigorous examination of his background.