Lead Paint InspectionLead Paint Hazard Inspections

Lead Based Paint

Lead based paint is very common in home and buildings constructed prior to 1978.  Lead based painted was widely used because it provided superior durability, color, and finish.  Because you will find lead based paint on the inside and outside of the building it is possible for the lead based paint dust to accumulate on window sills, floors, and the soil around the exterior of the building.
Lead based paint in good condition is generally not a concern for most.  On the other hand, lead based paint that is cracking, peeling, flaking or has otherwise separated from it substrate (wood, concrete, brick, ect) is a hazard.  As the paint flakes and peels the chips are ground into fine dust particles which are referred to as lead contaminated dust.

Children are the most susceptible to lead poisoning.  There are several reasons children have a greater risk for lead poisoning, however, it is really as simple as they have smaller bodies so the lead accumulate faster and they play in areas where lead dust accumulates (soil around the home and on the floors).  As the dust accumulates, it contacts the child’s hands and toys which ultimately find there way to the the child’s mouth and lead is ingested.

Lead Paint Inspection

Lead based paint inspections identify the surfaces on the interior and exterior of the building which contain lead based paint or coatings.  Lead concentrations have been observed in paint and other coatings on walls, ceilings, floors, doors, windows, and trim boards.


Lead Hazard Inspection

A lead hazard inspection not only identifies whether a component contains a lead concentration in its paint or coating it will determine the level of risk or hazard the lead based paint or coating presents to the occupants.

Lead Hazard Screen

The lead hazard screen is a modified version of the lead hazard inspection.  It focus only on the areas with deteriorated coatings.  This is a an excellent choice for those about to purchase a property.  Home buyers can use this service to identify lead based paint hazards and better understand the risks and costs involved in the repair process.