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The Power of Infrared Technology

There is cutting edge inspection technology available today that gives you the power to see what no one else can see. Before infrared technology that brown stain on the ceiling might be a leak in the roof, after infrared technology that brown stain,well, it just needs a little paint (because we verified using infrared powered technology that the leak is not active). That is just one example of how the … Continue Reading

Crawl Space Mold and Moisture Problems

Building mold has emerged as a major issue for the entire home building industry. The issue stems from thousands of insurance claims and lawsuits, including successful multi-million dollar settlements that identify building mold as a health problem for tenants and homeowners. Crawl spaces fitted with traditional foundation vents (wall vented) are particularly vulnerable to moisture and mold problems. Typical problems found in wall vented crawl spaces include: „ Standing water … Continue Reading

Mold Inspection Basics

What is a mold inspection?  This really is a bit harder to define than you would think because in reality clients have many different concerns with respect to mold and a good inspector will taylor the services to meet the clients request in an effort to answer the most critical question as cost efficiently as possible.  A well planned mold inspection will include the following: A client interview to discuss … Continue Reading