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Home Inspector – Roofing Inspection

Home Inspectors perform roofing inspections during a home inspection.  One type of roofing material that is often inspected is the asphalt shingle (aka composition roof).  In this home inspection video blog I walk you through the basics of an asphalt shingle roof inspection I conducted in Petaluma Ca.  A home inspector will often give a range of expected service life and this case roof is at the end of its … Continue Reading

The Power of Infrared Technology

There is cutting edge inspection technology available today that gives you the power to see what no one else can see. Before infrared technology that brown stain on the ceiling might be a leak in the roof, after infrared technology that brown stain,well, it just needs a little paint (because we verified using infrared powered technology that the leak is not active). That is just one example of how the … Continue Reading