Environmental Consulting Services

Insightful Consulting Services for Residential and Commercial Buildings

Insight.  When  you need important details about your residence or office building whether it be an environmental concern like mold or asbestos or you desire a thorough evaluation of the buildings system to include the roof, exterior, electrical, mechanical, and structure Envirovue has you covered.  We can scale our services to include specific inspections that are customized to deliver just the right amount of detail that you need.

Mold Inspection

According the CDC and other health experts dampness and mold growth in building is correlated to unhealthy living conditions. Envirovue’s mold inspection services are available to homeowners, home buyers, tenants, property owners, property managers in Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Novato and surrounding areas and others looking to understand a particular mold related conditions.  Air, surface and moisture testing services are offered.  Mold testing involves collecting samples and forwarding them to a lab for further analysis.  Although testing is offered it is just one phase of an inspection.  Our service is inspection and testing only we do not perform repairs but we door write our reports for certified mold remediation contractors to use as a scope of work.

Asbestos Consulting and Testing

Asbestos containing materials were commonly used in buildings prior to 1980.  Asbestos can be found in acoustical ceiling texture, drywall, joint compound, flooring adhesives, vinyl flooring, vinyl asbestos tiles, insulation, heating duct insulation, and other materials.  Building components that contain asbestos and are damaged represent a health concern for the occupants.  Asbestos containing materials that are to be disturbed during renovation and repair will create hazardous conditions for the occupants and workers unless they are identified prior to the start of work and handled according to federal and state regulations.  Envirovue’s services can identify asbestos containing materials and report on their condition allowing your work safely and remain in compliance with all state and federal regulations.

Lead Based Paint Testing and Consulting

Lead based paint is common in resdidential buildings that were constructed prior to 1978. The rule of thumb is that for every decade older the building the more lead based paint will be present. Lead based paint can be hazardous especially for smaller children who have an increased ability to absorb the metal. Lead paint in buildings which is disturbed and not contained using proper engineering controls can create lead paint hazards.  Envirovue’s consulting service can detect lead based paint hazards using a thorough inspection protocol and testing service.  Our service can be scaled to offer a full building survey or a single room evaluation whichever will meet your specific requirements for testing.