Replacing Wax Ring for Leaking Toilet

Home Inspector Article:  Replacing Wax Toilet Ring to Prevent Sub Floor Damage

Preventing wood damage to a sub floor around a toilet is both easy and cost effective.  I can’t share with you the number of loose and leaking toilet that I find during the course of the year while inspecting homes.  Loose toilets is right up there with damp crawlspaces in terms of how many times I find the condition and include it in a home inspection report.  Fortunately, preventing damage to the sub floor by replacing the wax ring is both easy and cost effective.

The wax ring that seals the toilet to the flange is not an expensive item.  The damage caused by not replacing the wax ring every 5-10 years or as needed, can run into the thousands of dollars.  A wax ring will set you back about $8 a the hardware store.  The repair takes about an hour if you plan correctly and have all the materials and help (toilets are heavy) ready when you begin the repair.

Important tip:  Remove the lid and place it in a secure location on the ground and protect it from damage.  Replacing a toilet lid can sometimes cost as much as the whole toilet and they are not hard to break.  Please don’t ask me how I know this!