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Replacing Wax Toilet Ring – Part 2

Home Inspector Article: Replacing Wax Toilet Ring Part 2 This video is part 2 of 2 for the Replacing the wax ring to prevent water damage.

Replacing Wax Ring for Leaking Toilet

Home Inspector Article:  Replacing Wax Toilet Ring to Prevent Sub Floor Damage Preventing wood damage to a sub floor around a toilet is both easy and cost effective.  I can’t share with you the number of loose and leaking toilet that I find during the course of the year while inspecting homes.  Loose toilets is right up there with damp crawlspaces in terms of how many times I find the … Continue Reading

Repairing Drywall Using the Screen Patch

Repairing Drywall Using the Screen Patch Here is an excellent video on repair drywall.  This video focuses on fixing damaged drywall using screen patches.  This technique is good for locations where aesthetics are not a primary concern (i.e. garages, closets, ect) .  The video discusses tools that are required  to complete the poject, techniques for finishing the surface to blend the repair, and the materials required to get a durable result.   … Continue Reading