Asbestos Mineral

Asbestos Testing and Surveys

Our asbestos testing service can be utilized for a variety of purposes including renovation planning, real estate pre-purchase inspections and insurance inspections.  Major renovation or demolition projects will often require an asbestos survey to identify suspect building materials that may contain asbestos. Asbestos can be found in a variety of materials including:  roofing, drywall, vinyl tiles, grout, mastic and adhesives, many types of insulation, fireproofing, ceiling and wall textures and many more.  In all, asbestos has been detected in over 3000 products.

Asbestos Insulation

Vermiculite Asbestos InsulationVermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral.  A mine in Libby, Montana was the source of over 70% of the vermiculite in the United States from 1919- 1990.  There was also a deposit of asbestos at that mine which contaminated the vermiculite when it was harvested from the earth.

Asbestos Pipe Insulation

Asbestos Thermal Insulation Asbestos has many wonderful properties which includes abilities to resist heat transfer.  Pipe insulation is a common source of asbestos in residential and commercial properties.  Due to the use and locations this type of asbestos is often found in poor condition making it hazardous.

Asbestos Vinyl Tiles

asbestos tilesAsbestos containing vinyl tiles were installed in many homes and businesses up until the 1980’s.  Many times the tiles themselves do not contain asbestos but the mastic (adhesive) does contain asbestos.  Because the two products are bound chemically the must be removed together.

Asbestos Testing and Survey

Asbestos containing materials can be hazardous when disturbed or damaged.  Inform  yourself by purchasing an asbestos survey to identify suspect materials and have them tested.  Serving many communities including Santa Rosa, Petaluma, San Rafael, Walnut Creek, San Francisco