The Power of Infrared Technology

There is cutting edge inspection technology available today that gives you the power to see what no one else can see. Before infrared technology that brown stain on the ceiling might be a leak in the roof, after infrared technology that brown stain,well, it just needs a little paint (because we verified using infrared powered technology that the leak is not active). That is just one example of how the power of technology can literally save your clients( buyer and sellers) thousands of dollars by getting them answers to their questions, rather than creating more questions. As you can envision, this has real implications for our businesses.

Home Inspection Infrared Video

As you can see this in this infrared video significant water has infiltrated the floor below the bedroom and the laundry room. This moisture was not evident from the flooring above or the ceiling below. If this drywall is left damp for more than 48 hours there will be significant mold growth.


The technology has real implications for how real estate home inspections will be conducted. The industry is slowly being transformed from a “visual” inspection service to a “technology” powered service that can satisfy even the most robust seller and buyer questions. The implications are so great that the perception that home inspectors can “kill” a deal will be thing of the past because with technology answers can be provided quickly, non-destructively (no tearing into walls), and in budget (hundreds of dollars versus thousands).

IR Photo – Blue area is accumulated moisture which is clearly visible to the trained eye using infrared

Same photo as the IR photo to the left but no visible moisture is detected. A standard home inspection process would not reveal this defect.

For example, your buyers notices a musty smell in one of the rooms but otherwise is in love with the home, their valid concern is that there may be a mold problem in that room. Before infrared technology, your client (seller or buyer) would pay for multiple inspections(general home inspector, mold inspection and testing, leak detection specialist), possibly removal of drywall, or other destructive style testing to get meaningful answers. After infrared technology, your client makes one phone call to a full service home inspection firm powered by infrared technology (hint: Envirovue Home Inspection) and for less than 4 hours of inspection time and $500.00 your client will get some real answers – that is the power of technology!

If you are looking to partner with a locally owned one owner/operator full service home inspection firm that is powered by infrared technology please consider my company for your next referral.

Steve Ramos Certified Home Inspector

Steve Ramos is a Certified Home Inspector, Mold Inspector and Building Science Thermographer.  He has over 10 years of home inspection field experience.  Steve has a very diverse and well rounded background.  His reports are detailed, accurate, and timely.  Steve has been featured on over 104 episodes of HGTV’s House Detective.  He offers his services in all nine Bay Area counties including:  Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Novato, San Rafael, Napa, Sausalito, San Francisco, Walnut Creek, San Ramon, Rohnert Park, Cotati, Bodega Bay, and Cloverdale.

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