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Infrared Technology Overview

Infrared cameras are an invaluable inspection tool.  Infrared camera technology has many building applications.  The infrared camera can be used to identify a variety of building defects including: Water Leaks, Faulty Electrical Conditions, Missing Insulation.  Infrared is also an excellent tool when utilized in Energy Performance Inspections where it can visually show you where the building envelope is compromised.  More information about infrared home inspection services can be obtained here

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Infrared Cooling Scans

In this video Steve uses an infrared camera to demonstrate that the cooling system is operating at an optimum level and no service is required at this time. Previously, the homeowner was concerned that the cooling system was working because the house didn’t feel cool enough.  For more information about our infrared services including the infrared home inspection moisture scan please visit our services page.

Mystery Solved Using Infrared

In this video Steve Ramos, HGTV House Detective uses his infrared camera to solve a long standing heating system mystery.  The best part of the video is the fix for the problem.  Not all problems are solved this easily or with as much humor.  For more information about our infrared home inspection services please visit our infrared services page.

Flat Roof – Ponding Water

In this video Steve Ramos, HGTV House Detective discusses the condition of ponding water on flat roof systems and some of the implications of the condition.  Limited roof inspections are included in every home inspection we offer.   However, specialist inspections by licensed roofing contractors are recommended when conditions warrant repair or further inspection.  We have several roofing articles in our education blog.

Springy Porch

In this clip HGTV House Detective Steve Ramos and owner of Envirovue Home Inspection discusses what might be the cause of a spring front porch.  We have several articles in our education blog.

Crossed Wiring

In this episode Steve explains the condition known as bonding a electrical sub panel and what the implications of this crossed wiring condition present.  We have several electrical articles in our education blog.